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Fluid application in precise dosages
High performance oil products must be applied in an efficient manner to be optimized. With the DieTronic System, you automatically regulate the fluid application to standardize the process and obtain a high-quality end product.

Reduce Consumption while increasing efficiency
The DieTronic systems regulate the applied fluid amount through proprietary nozzles and dosage system. We are able to advise the best solution, with the aim of reducing consumption and costs.

Dietronic offers the following products:
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    Blank Lubrication

    The company offers several blank lubrication systems, each one developed to meet specific needs, in accordance with safety and environmental rules. The range includes felt or rubber rolls, partial spray – Spray Premium – and sectorial – Spray Superior – systems. The systems allow oil to be applied uniformly, allowing a more effective production, without critical consequences in the post-stamping operations, while enhancing the qualitative          standards of the end products.

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    Tube Treatment

    The company offers the innovative Antirust system, designed to solve the problems related to tube corrosion in the storage steps or transport with high temperature changes. The system is designed to apply the RP fluid proportionally to the speed of the line, with attention to possible anomalies in the emission: it can be used on tubes and profiles of different dimensions, shapes and types, including wires, with excellent results. To offer a complete solution, DieTronic completes its proposal with the MQL system and cooling of the saw blade, allowing important savings of water and advantages

    in terms of cleaning

    of the environment and end product.

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