DieTronic is a company specialized in metal sheet lubrication and protection of tubes and profiles, well-known in Italy and worldwide: it was started in 2000, thanks to the specific experience of the founders and the ongoing attention to technological innovation. It offers customized solutions to promote process automation during the forming process and consequent energy saving. DieTronic proposes roll, strip – Spray Premium – and pattern – Spray Superior – spray lubrication, as well as Antirust systems for the corrosion protection of tubes and pipes. The company collaborates with national and international well-known producers, and has long-term partnerships with high level companies: thanks also to their competence, professionalism and introduction of cutting-edge systems it has become a trusted source for many customers.


DieTronic is synonymous with efficiency, safety and quality: its team follows the project directly from the first steps of consulting, initial design, construction and assembly completely Made in Italy, as well as commissioning at customer’s plant. Relying on DieTronic support means receiving an excellent service, complete and specialized assistance, effective suggestions to reduce waste and make the work environment healthier. 



Our mission is to find the best solution to improve the production of your products through a correct and precise sheet lubrication and tube protection.

The company is founded on innovative technology, aiming at a constant upgrade of its systems as well as of the professionality of the staff. The utmost care and attention paid in the design and periodic maintenance of the machinery allows achievement of high quality standards and long-term relationships with their customers.

Advantages and main functions:
  • Oil saving from 60% to 90%
  • Reduced postproduction costs (cleaning, welding, etc..)
  • Decrease of Health and safety costs thanks to a cleaner working environment
  • Reduced scrap
  • Decrease of problems connected to irregular lubrication
  • Extended die lifetime
  • Reduced downtime for part setup
  • Easy integration and automatic management
  • Regulation of oil quantity from 0.5 to 5 g/m2
  • Possibility to manage pure and water based oils
  • Cleaner materials and working area

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