DieTronic boasts a long series of collaborations and partnerships with companies and factories known in Italy as well as in Europe and all over the world.


Thanks to the collaboration with the American company Kent Corporation, DieTronic represents the landmark in Europe for the Unites States’ coil end welding systems.
The advantages of the introduction of a movable or stationary coil end welder in an existing process line are measurable both in time and labor: the downtime will be reduced and the operation to reinsert the coil will be eliminated.
On the market, there are over 5.000 coil end welders in tubemills, forming lines, stamping presses, and coil processing lines in over 55 countries all over the world. The attention to quality and efficiency are key elements to maximize the yield and, at the same time, reduce the working hours and the important material scraps.


The professionality of its team and the efficiency of its cleaning systems gave birth to the collaboration with Wandres Factory.

Thanks to combined efforts, the new integrated COMBI System was created; this system combines the application of lubricants to the cleaning of blanks; the specialization of the linear brushes is detaching from the material surfaces particles and machining residues through the micro-moistening and auto-cleaning techniques.


Hundreds of installed systems in Italy and worldwide and the constant cooperation with these partners let DieTronic confirm the efficiency of the functioning systems and the amplification of its experience.

Our references in the different application fields (Household Appliance, Automotive, Punching, Small metal parts, Electrical Motors, Metal Packaging, Furniture, Kitchen) are the following:

Concerning our other macro-application area, that is tube treatment, these are our references:


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